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New LZB 77 air motor 2.91 kW


Atlas Copco proudly presents yet another extension of the LZB range. The LZB77 will have built in silencers and are available in clock-wise and reversible versions. The LZB77will create new opportunities and applications such as pipe beveling, in line clamping and trailer transporting.
The LZB77 has a high power-to-weight ratio and a high efficiency like the other models in the LZB range.

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TypeOrdering no.Max outputSpeed at max outputTorque at max outputMin starting torqueFree speedAir cons. at max outputWeight
LZB 77 A0017-508411 0700 092,863,8487314231471347174551168,719,1
LZB 77 A007-508411 0700 172,913,9341816012089682551168,418,5
LZB 77 A027-508411 0700 252,913,913252115,530222660551168,418,5
LZB 77 AR0015-508411 0700 332,523,3879304224456336158511088,719,1
LZB 77 AR006-508411 0700 412,563,43317775711585634511088,418,5
LZB 77 AR024-508411 0700 582,563,43125019,614,52921,42500511088,418,5